If Gautam is okay with this

If @gautam is okay with this… I will make people songs for rewards of sb coins! If this is possible I would either like to earn coins or whoever wants me to make a song and I accept it, how ever many coins we set it for that amount coins get transferred into my account. Rn I am making a song for @incognitoes if okay with guatam and @incognitoes we can make the reward for coins. I already said I would make it for @incognitoes soo… If he does not accept the deal of sb coins it is fine by me! If you want me to make u a song. DM me.


Maybe not coin transfers, don’t think a feature like that’s ever going to be added.
Maybe just give them your password so they can grind for you? If you trust them enough.

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I dont feel comfortable with giving people my pass because it is the same for almost everyhting :/

maybe just adding coins?

Maybe you can email Coder to change it for a temporary password.

Adding coins prob won’t be a feature in the game, and idk if gautam will make an exception for you, but we’ll see.

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Can you give me a discount cuz im your friend?

No you get charged more

XD , sure

@Shadowblade is getting one free, soo i might give u one free


How about people get one free and then after that they have to do something for you to get another song

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