If you need help

Basically if you want help with a skin, a sword, feedback on anything, or grinding coins sb and much much more, come to this topic and tell the community what you need. Ive noticed a lot of topics like this so im just making one big one. Post here and cross your fingers that someone is in a good mood…
Happy Stabbing!

TLDR; Ask for what you want here. Stop clogging up feed by making new topics


Someone please grind my account to top #100

Some masterful bribing:
Right now I need about 13 million coins from where I am right now. Help me achieve my goal and this is what you get:

1 million coins - Next skin release date revealed

5 million coins - Ill make the PR earlier by 5 days

10 million coins - Late submissions accepted. Right now only 11 skins will get added but this may give patht to more

15 million coins - You guys can choose all the descriptions

25 million coins - Ill release two skins that combined will be worth more than dragon

PROGRESS: 11 million collected so far

Note: Ill probably think of more things later and MAY or MAY NOT change prizes. You will be notified if I do so
Note: To grind youll need my account password. You can dm me for it and DO NOT share it to ANYONE without my permission.


I need some one to make a skin for this and color it in and stuff

I have a question if someone can make me a cool logo for my channels that would be cool but no sb related like manage and stuff @Slapadabass you up for helping community will help to pick after polls of each one.

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I will help with skins/swords If someone grinds on my account

dm me if you can help me grind, 100k coins new skin, 500k coins 3 new skins (might not be able to do it all at once because of daily exports) 1m coins 6 skins


1m coins - My deadline to submit skins to codergautam is May 1 so the release would probably be sometime from May 6-8

5m coins - As promised, I will make the PR earlier by five days by April 25th. Since Gautam will be back by then, the skins would probably release by May 1.

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what will i get in exchange

For Proxys I will make/help with skins

I need proxies because mine got blocked

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