Ill be back yoo πŸ‘‹

Wsg guys im feelsick odk but my stomach hurts rly bad and u didnt eat anything today or yesterday. Maybe its cause of the depression i have but ill strive to play sometimes but for now fare well ppl i hope i stopped getting bullied at school :slight_smile:


i’m concerned for you… first of all avoid the bullying or tell a teacher 2nd of all you need to eat you have to

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Dam bro hope u feel better, sorry that’s happening :cry:

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You should probably eat it is unhealthy to not eat for long periods of time and you could get help from a teacher but I get well soon!


Feel better, maybe you should try to eat something, do your parents know?

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Guys sometimes if ur depressed u don’t wanna eat or don’t have the energy to eat

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Yeah, but you still should because not eating is VERY unhealthy. I didn’t eat for a week once, and my weight dropped a lot.

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Hey Skillz don’t worry about school bro. You have a whole life in front of you. Only think, that all you need to is get your grades then you can do what you want. Education is most important. :grinning:

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as someone who has been severly depressed before it gonna be alr bro everyone loves you and dont try it please. and for the bullying tell the teacher or a trusted adult it gonna be alright we love you bro :heart: (also quick sidenote go eat please and take care of yourself trust me bro it gets better)


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