I'm back!

So as you may know, a while ago I announced I would be leaving for the summer and would not be posting more until I came back.

Now that the summer is almost over, I am now going to be fully active in both swordbattle.io and the forum. Thank you all for reading this, and I hope to be playing more soon!


I remember you! Welcome back!

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dunno who you are… but glad to see you back!

Welcome back to the forum and if you were wondering no v2 isn’t out yet…

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Welcome back to the community

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@Wasd I was actually wondering if v2 is out yet. Is there a specific time for its release?

Even that I don’t know you, welcome back.

It goes live for everyone on Halloween and a little earlier for beta testers

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@Wasd that’s great! That’s much sooner than I expected it to come out I cant wait to see it! I mean - rewriting the whole code is crazy I would die before doing that :sweat_smile:


Good way of doing it!

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