I'm going to do a change.

I seen these past few days I have been more rude and toxic toward people so I’m going to do a change…

@ArtieMars I apologize for doing that to you yesterday and it was my fault. I hope you can forgive me sometime soon.

Also, to the people of swordbattle I won’t stop killing you but I will try to keep my cool when I die more (So you know when I kill you doesn’t mean I hate you it’s that I’m grinding towards a goal and I need coins so don’t think I hate you) After I get top 1 I will be less hostile.

@Hue I apologize for killing you in-game today it was wrong of me and you just wanted to have fun but I was desperate and selfish so I killed you for some coins.

Sorry for the damage I caused to a lot of people and I will try to change as a person :+1:


I was about to say, I’m sorry for ruining your 900k run today, I won’t ruin your long runs from now on. (Wanted revenge for the time you unfairly killed phantom)


I didn’t care much but I was a bit mad tho cause I spent 3 hours getting that. but thanks for apologizing I appreciate it.


Nah u were slamming ur pc xD

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Also the fact that number is mod is worrying…

it’s like acol being mod, + he’s trying to change to not be like acol

Acol clone

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I kind of want to see the @ArtieMars face pic, ngl

I wasnt?

Ah screw this man :sob:

ah well, all i can say is its natural to be a little toxic, everyone does it, its really a challenge to change tbh lol, i used to be kinda toxic actually.

anyways, we all appreciate your apology and have a wonderful day number1 :]

After the drama, you still want it.

mf it aint april fools this joke aint funny

real if i get it istg im hating 10x more

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