I'm I considered an OG?

ima mid boi

I think I’m also a early mid og

I was topping leaderboards during the easter egg update in april 2022 or smtn. so im an og ig

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Am I og? :shushing_face:

  • Yes
  • No
  • The best OG
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you are the og of og’s due to being server host (allegedly)

remember when it was called sword.io

Ur OG if you remember this


im more og than that

8 bit swordbattle :skull:

wasn’t there a Halloween update after spring and summer…
and i remember the old background before the updates

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public execution for people that voted no?

…I see how it is

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Actually, I don’t remember that :confused:
I do remember that homescreen tho


I remember that!

I’ve been here since month 3 and people don’t honor my OGness so wait in line bud

My first apperance in swordbatte was in 2021, december 5 that was before the game really kicked off.

not really, it was popular in the kaJam