i'm making Tf2 class ideas in realmz,tell me what you think of them

heavy-has all dash upgrades unless armor or big is a option,choose brute and choose minigun
Medic-has all dash upgrades and has potion,choose feather to keep in a area with the slow heavy.
scout-has every speed upgrade,choose shotgun or boomstick and feather
sniper-both speed and jump for arranging yourself onto sniping spots,choose none,railgun is optional but i recommend sniper.
solider-choose jump and dash upgrades to simulate rocket jumping,choose rocket launcher and choose none or wings.
demoman-same as solider but keep the bomber instead of getting rocket launcher.
demoknight-choose more dash and less jump than demoman or solider and choose slasher or Excalibur,choose heavy or none instead of wings or none.
pyro-no ideas please tell me yours
spy-no ideas please tell me yours
engineer-no ideas please tell me yours

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“Bonk!”-Scout 2018?

now this would go best with a team death match gamemode or something like that

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