Im never gonna leave the forum

idk ive been so bored here nothing new has happened and tbh it is not beacause of v2

  • I should go on a journey
  • you should leave FOREVER
  • nah, just stay
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Potato its fifty fifty lol whh did i do this

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this decides the rest of my forum life

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i like how yall only picked the extreme options like no one picked chill leave or chill stay

You’re welcome

I am going on a trip! Don’t know where though

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Where is zarooma going?
  • Somewhere
  • Nowhere
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im gonna to school :skull:

School is somewhere so somewhere.

he is going everywhere

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ngl i want to go hiking… welp got to wait for summer ):

the title is: never gonna… give you up never gonna let you down never gonna turn around and hurt you XD at least that is what came to my head dont know about you

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