Im new whats the best skins?

i just started playing yesterdya. im pretty good and i saved up to 800k coins whats the best skins?


Assassin for 20mil

Dragon for 50mil

Btw skins don’t improve your hitbox or give you any buffs it will always be 260x280


I got dragon

i use reaper and i like it because of the r scythe


800k in a day is good

games so good i havent got off since. although i have a few reccomndations if your taking them

@Uesto I’m pretty sure he will take them but they prob will take awhile since v2 is 2 phases

its nothing big its just kind of annoying when your trying to farm and the #1 comes out of no where and just throws his sword at you and u cant fight back because his sword does more damage that yours

I’ll help you what server you on?

i play usa 2 less lag

hmm, i mean thats the point of growing when you’re big you can bully bigger people… how can this be improved?


invoking a turn off pvp button when ur under level 30 atleast then u have to fight theres been time where i havent even made it to level 10 because of bullys

It is what you think is the best.

Eh as you saw with me if you get 5k you are pretty much fine if you get 15k you can fight back

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You should get the frumpy skin, I heard the guy who made it was pretty cool (real)


Grinding for it right now

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who me lol

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