I'm not gonna be active much

I won’t be very active in the upcoming months due to

  1. kinda boring

  2. extracurricular activities

  3. schoool

  4. boring.

    However I will still be in tgfb

Darn, what extracurriculars are you in?

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ik he’s in social ones LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

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Same here, I got some stuff coming up and I cant avoide it despite how much I try.

cuz u literally have 2

Soccer (football)
Swimming (team)
Signed up for futsal


What is this

whats S.C. and S.A. I dont got a clue what futsal is ethier?

yeah exactly.

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Futsal Is soccer on a basketball court and Sc and Sa are abbreviations ofc I would never reveal what they stand for (:

indoor soccer ya mean?

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Oh no I already do that its literally on a indoor basketball court

Did you say… SOCCER? it’s football

Ye. Go wasd

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Finally someone who has culture in them

Get outta heree

football or soccer i dnont really care


wtf is S.C and S.A …

I make it less broing.