I'm taking requests for pfps

Title is straightforward, just tell me if you want one and what you want it to be and I’ll make one for you. Here’s some of my work for others.

I will try my best to get to you as soon as I can, I’ll try and finish them by that day.
I can also do ones without a name if you want
(I’m also doing glaceon’s, Finn’s, and a few others, so sorry if I can’t get to you fast.)


@Slapadabass think you can remake the my Pfp and if you want u don’t have to redo the backround


(Remake red panda with panda with something extra?) don’t want you too do to much

Like a regular panda?

uh yes

Sounds good, I’ll get started

maybe regular panda on bottom and red panda on top like we bears? feel like I’m asking too much-

Slap u should be REMAKING SKINS!! Not making new pfps for everyone;-;

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I like multitasking
(Also I may or may not be working on wizard…)

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Hmmm u better be working on remaking skins…
(I got my eyes on u slap…)

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I know you do angel

Back up angel :woozy_face: let slap COOK! :smiling_imp:

Does slap even know how to cook??
Anyways goes back into the shadows


I mean I know how to make pasta… but that’s besides the point, once I finish wizard I’ll reveal it to you

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Slap making a skin:

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U better finish tht remake of wizard skin before i reveal what death feels like.


slap you should get paid
after all a banana got tapped to a wall and sold for 120,000$

i would luv another saturn pfp thats all. But make it a bit different than the one u gave me which i have as my pfp

I’m sorry what. Was that the last thing the queen saw before she died?!

Can you make me a black hole pfp

what about me
electric tornado pfp

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