I'm the best

hey pookies, there’s been some recent talks on whose #1 in this mid ahh game… is it Boob the Conquistador, User Anonymous (my sexy king), or SAW ? well, it’s me, the one and only Diddy. 1v1 me (no bs classes like Alchemist or Excalibur) to prove me wrong.

Or is it? vsauce music intensifies

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[quote=“diddy, post:1, topic:21136”]
User Anonymous (my sexy king)
thats me boi!!!

and btw im better

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you may be my king, my lord and saviour, my all-time pookie, my love from another dove, my goddness, the one who i want, the peanut butter to my jelly, the aladdin, the romeo to my juliet, the person i saw after the cupids arrow, the sweet cheek in my life, my all-time g, but i can’t lie to you, im better

wtf clappz

100% clappz alt

Hello 7clappz alt.

ok lazor

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bro wrote a whole love poem in one minute :skull_and_crossbones:

No way its Puff Daddy (P. Diddy, Diddy, e.t.c), creator of Bad Boy records & the song “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” & the signer of The Notorious BIG, Mase, Mary J Blige, & more east coast rappers :0

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Shut up clappz

I’m not Lazorback, pastpear

Stop talking to yourself buddy

Oh- uh- owo- my… lord and king… jus- just talked t- to me!!

Ok clappz

ok diddy

Erm what the sigma

Uhm… uh- owo-- XD… m- my king ha- has spoken aga-- again!!