I'm waiting

so as i discussed in my post yesterday:

i will be tl3 in seven days. right now, i’m just… waiting. making posts, sure, but i am actually just waiting, seeing my progress day-by-day to getting tl3. not just for tl3, though…for many things, actually.

like, for example - you know how i mentioned a while ago that @Uri would be making me a new pfp? Well, Uri has been done with my new pfp for days now; i’ve only not put it on because i will be using it only after i become tl3.

but that’s not all. i also mentioned in the post shown above that instead of having a montage, as i originally intended, i will instead have my 1mil grind soon after as a tl3 celebrations. (in case you were wondering, this is because of some technical difficulties)

i am just so overjoyed to see tl3 right ahead of me in the near future. thank you all for supporting me through my time on the forum! <3


five days til tl3!

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You kinda speedran the tl system ngl lol


What would the montage be?

@wasd can u dm star team 2 pass

Oke will do

replying to get tl3

As I said, I won’t be doing the montage because of technical difficultiees, but if i were to do it I would compile a bunch of clips of me comboing people and edit it/put music in the background.

Instead of the montage I will do my 1mil grinding session (a little delayed) after I get tl3.

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i will make a profile pic for you just ask here
I will make Profile pictures for you! - Off-topic - IO Games Forum

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