incog's idea dump: pt 3. {IMPORTANT HOLIDAY UPDATES}


this is part three of my idea dump series…

it contains anything and everything i feel might improve, from small tweaks to game-changing updates.

not all of these are fit to be (theoretically) added, but if you want to elaborate or enhance an idea of mine, feel free to do so in the comments!

i decided to split this up into different parts, each with approximately the same length, so that people can read it small parts at a time instead of being overwhelmed by 20+ pages of text at once.

so…without further ado…part three.

so when easter came up two days ago, i must say i was kind of expecting an easter update…but now that i think about it, there hasnt really been ant special holiday updates-

with that being said, i understand the difficulty of doing this every holiday, because after all it is mostly gautam doing all the work.

but i think it might be worth it to do this to most important holidays, add an update that will leave the game in a week or two.

this would boost audience retention by adding a special new addition to, because i personally have been seeing more bots as a result of less players due to little to no updating of the game.

(i can feed ideas if you guys like, i have a ton lol)

note: i understand if this does not get added, just an idea

what do you all think about this?

(also- 450 topics! 50 to The Milestone of half 1k…)

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smart idea, but gautum probably has already thought of this idea?

-new years
-swordbattle anniversary (celebrated like a week after new years)
No other ones

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Can I just say that I would be happy with a reskinned version of the map like Easter eggs instead of coins? Maybe some special feature like more rabbits??? I don’t need massive updates! I just want smaller monthly updates that have fun content


i agree wasd, but for new players there needs to be a reason to play A LOT or even for players who have aplayed a long time like a giant bunny, as a boss or sum

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i agree

i think a good idea for easter would be to add little eggs that spawn around the map when u open them you either get coins, or a limited mob (hostile, not a boss but similar to a wolf but more op) that when killed gives you a limited skin

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stuff that could come in holiday updates:

  1. new skins
  2. some sort of change in the map
  3. reskins for stuff (ex. Christmas: moose become reindeer, new snow effect, ice crystals become candy canes)