India skin?

hey gautam since u are indian i was thinking of an indian flag skin or something like that. You think u could figure it out?

I am pretty sure that there was originally an India skin back in the good old days but I think they got rid of it for some reason and if u don’t believe me search up on yt I am positive that u can find a video tht has some sort of footage of it.


Yes there was plus a show skin lol both where removed India cause then people would want a skin for evrey single flag and shoe skin for some unknown reason to me


ye i deleted both imgs a while back

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I understand the problems with adding country flags bc ppl (most likely me if this ever happens) will ask for the laser kiwi flag (search it up it’s a traumatic and depressing story)

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But I think the laser kiwi should be added bc it’s not a official flag and more of a meme

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