Info about New V2 Evolutions

After having played the game for a bit and looking through the Github, here are some of my observations about the new evols. Hope that this will be useful for some!

(Note that I have a TL;DR as the first reply to this topic. Please let me know if there’s anything wrong here through a reply so I can make any needed corrections. Thank you!)


  • Requires 1,000 :coin:, Stage 1 evolution

  • Replaced Berserker as the first-stage evol (first two evols are now tank and knight, instead of tank and berserker)

  • Basically a nerfed berserker

  • 6 second ability time, 90 second cooldown (compared to berserker’s 7-second ability and 60-second cooldown

  • Ability provides the same boosts as berserker ability:

    • 15% increase in damage
    • 80% increase in knockback dealt
    • 50% increase in speed
    • 40% reduction in attack cooldown
  • Worse base stats than berserker: Provides a 5% increase in speed upon evolving and no knockback resistance. Berserker, on the other hand, grants a 10% increase in speed and a 5% increase in knockback resistance.


  • Requires 5,000 :coin: (Stage 2 evolution)

  • 6-second ability time, 90 second cooldown

  • Same speed as knight (for base and ability)

  • Has a leech ability (heals player upon dealing damage, which not only includes damage inflicted on other players, but also mobs, which could be pretty broken)

  • Ability:

    • 50% increase in speed
    • 80% increase in knockback
    • Ability doesn’t boost damage, knockback, or reduce attack cooldown like Knight. (?)
    • Ability multiplies leech effectiveness by 4x


  • Requires 5,000 :coin: (Stage 2 Evolution)

  • Player is no longer able to move diagonally (didn’t impact my PVP as much as I thought it would)

  • Ability allows the player to teleport to the end of the map in the direction where they are moving. (NOTE: You must be moving in the direction where you were you want to go while activating your ability. If you are standing still, it will teleport you downward by default.)
  • Ability has a 40-second cooldown
  • Base stats (stronger than tank in every way):
    • 25% increase in size, knockback resistance, max health, and regeneration (compared to tank’s 15% increase in all these base stats)
    • 20% increase in damage (compared to tank’s 15% increase in damage)
    • No decrease in speed (tank has a 30% speed reduction)
    • Regen wait is longer than tank’s (?, saw it had a higher regenWait.multiplier)


  • Requires 5,000 :coin: (Stage 2 Evolution)

  • Base stats (faster than tank, slower than rook, smaller than tank/rook):

    • 15% reduction in speed (tank has a 30% speed reduction
    • 5% increase in size (compared to tank’s 15% increase)
    • All other base stats are the same as tank
  • Ability (fast regen, fast speed, increased damage):

    • No change in size
    • 25% speed boost
    • Otherwise, same stats as tank ability
      (meaning same boost in damage, knockback, regen, shorter attack cooldown)
  • 6-second ability time, 60 second cooldown



  • Knight: A nerfed version of berserker

    • Slower base speed
    • No knockback resistance.
    • Longer ability cooldown, shorter ability duration
  • Vampire: Leeching, dealing damage heals you!

    • Same speed as knight, likely slower than berserker
    • Ability makes your leeching 4 times more effective
    • Unlike knight, ability doesn’t boost damage or decrease attack cooldown (will need to fact-check this)
  • Rook (Teleportation, no diagonal movement, stronger than tank):

    • Ability teleports player to the end of the map in the direction they are moving (must be moving while using ability, otherwise you are teleported to the bottom of the map by default)
    • Ability has a 40 second cooldown, doesn’t provide stat boosts, only teleports the player.
    • No diagonal movement
    • Stronger stats than tank.
  • Samurai (It’s faster but smaller than tank):
    • Faster than tank, slower than base player
    • Smaller than tank, bigger than base player
    • Ability gives you fast regen (as fast as tank ability regen) and increases your speed/damage (same damage as tank ability).

Vamp abil should be 2.5x and the cool-down should be 70sec imo

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Rook cool-down should be increased to 55secs?


Thanks now I don’t have to go digging into the source code to make the video

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Nice! The new evols are so cool, I gotta check them out more.

Which one has the fastest base speed? Is it beserker?


Not sure if I’m right, but looking through the Github, I think berserker is faster than vampire? I think berserker has 10% faster base speed than knight, while vampire’s base speed is unchanged.

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Alright ty for that was wondering since it might help me chase ppl

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