Infuriating Players

I’ll go first:

Num1 - Too good
Enter Number 3 - Prolific runner
Fetch - Blitzer, Pillager, Complains about running
Gautam - No reason xD


swordz - Being world #1




Skill issue


skill issue


I’m not on there :D

Fr but it’s not infuriating, doesn’t make me mad

Yep, we spent 1 hour yesterday trying to kill him bc he does the sword throw “tactic” and doesn’t do any close combat and when he does he sucks, I can beat him in a 1v1 if he actually fought it wouldn’t be a stalemate

Also I’m sorry for running 2 days ago :(

bro I was there, that kid runs so hard you would think hes training for a marathon

Thank goodness John Titor no longer plays. Bro gloats when he kills me at spawn.

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Plot twist, number 3 is just number1’s alt for when he wants to annoy people

:OOOOOOOO bruhhhhh

Hello @ioi is this your first post?


(this topic is a joke, right?)

:D Im not on there!

im still on the lookout though…

atleast im not there

add Jimmyjoe, he’s the biggest runner I’ve ever seen

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My exact reaction lol

i wanna be on there
gotta be more annoying than usual

Biggest lie ever