Instead of a "Shop"

What if we had an “Item Shop”

For say at a 8pm or something the shop changes, and there could be new skins or maybe not new skins. And, we could buy banners for our profile or something in V2. Or maybe emotes are possible.


or a armory and load out shop?

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That’s a nice idea, if you or anyone else could code it and make a PR that’d be great

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Would love to code it i got a question on discord about it 1 sec

huh i like it

Wdym by banners for profiles?

like profile pictures but ones that you got to buy.

So u mean frames for the names?

not really i’ll make an example in a bit and show.

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if anyone is going to make these, and need help w/ the art, dm me

Will do, the community will be able to make banners as well ( i think not sure yet)

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good idea

So, I was thinking instead of banners and buying extra cosmetics/banners. What if when you equip a skin, it changes this little person
Screenshot 2023-01-28 10.47.19 PM

But I equipped “YingYang”
Screenshot 2023-01-28 10.45.23 PM


Whats the point. Also it may confuse new ayers

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you’ll get the gist when me and zarooma are done coding the item shop

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Well see. I have my own ideaas. I jahave a dump ill release post v2


thats cool this will most likely be out before v2 if coder likes this idea.

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fortnite vibes be like:


that would be awesome great idea and mayby people could make a banner or emote and drag and drop the file into the item shop