So I just saw this topic:

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 1.02.35 PM

And you might know I recently made a revisal to my “New update!” post - I think that’s because when I first logged on, the empty health bar glitch happened to me as well and I thought that was how being undead normally was like lol…

And it basically makes you INVINCIBLE.

if this happens to you, you literally CANNOT be attacked…you still take kb but your health is just blank white. FOREVER. (until you log off) i can see how this can be an issue.

I hope this gets fixed soon - this could lead to a lot of abusers.

im not sure if gautam fixed it already

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Gautam has fixed it already but if any more issues arise do tell him

It was fixed yesterday did you read the full topic

But is it back again? In that case dm me immediately. Thanks