IO games- the tv cable network

I’m kinda bored lately, so I was just sitting in my bed, thinking “dang… this forum is kinda like a tv show, the more I think about it.”

Anyways here’s the tv shows that I think would air on the cable network of the IO games forum! Send your ideas in the comments and I’ll make them for you (no bob ross tho I’m already doing that for uri) (also, ignore the last one, I ran out of time so I’ll remake it later)


a show for every game on the forum and make the escape breakout one a blank screen

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Hell time with DOOMSLAYER would be a good one

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Oh my god I love the tea time one XD

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We do worship caek a lot

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Slap please remove the last image as it hurts my feelings

(Can i redesign it?)

Mb, sure go ahead

(Never meant to hurt feelings, it was based on this meme)

I wanted to be the cat

Oh alr lol

incognews! yes! this is really cool, and the artwork is really good! 100/10

this is so coollll ur artwork is amazing

Incognitoes 10 years from now after we all are grown up and working in job

IO Games Weekly #589

Cameo of me in background

By then we’ll have so many IO games he’ll have to make two topics

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