is time travel a plausible concept or just science fiction? (essay)

so a question has been on my mind recently…is time travel a plausible concept, or just science fiction?

lmk what you guys think! personally, i think it is just science fiction. here’s why: (ill try to keep it short for you guys, lmao)

imagine that, for some reason, you get a time travel machine and decide to travel back in time to kill your grandfather (i dont condone such acts, lmao, this is just an example).

the problem is, though, that if you killed your grandfather, your grandfather couldnt have been there to give birth to your mother. and if your mother does not exist, neither could you.

but then again, if you don’t exist, you couldn’t have traveled back in time in the first place, proving time travel as more or less science fiction.

even though one might argue, “but incognitoes, why would you want to kill your grandfather? in what scenario would you do it non-hypothetically?” this can be proved wrong.

the impact your choices make in the past, even really small, will make a change- whether large or small, a change nevertheless, which will somehow make your present life not possible/plausible to happen, while it has.

this paradox, in my opinion, demonstrates why time travel cannot be a plausible future…but what do you guys think?

is time travel…
  • a plausible concept,
  • or science fiction?
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It’s possible in the same way as teleportation are


Wormholes (if passed though) transport you to a different place in space-time

this could be completely wrong but i watched a video saying there was a design that could be used for time travel but required an INSANE amount (basically the sun x3)

this would be theoretical, as no wormholes have been discovered to date. so how would you make sure it could?

I’ll let this video speak for itself

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Time travel might exist but in your perspective you will always be in the present


What a wormhole is, is something that basically bends gravity so greatly that it goes straight through the plane of spacetime, and onto another plane, which is effectively time travel, although it’s be impossible to get back to earth in the past or smthn

going in the future in a faster rate than other humans is a possible thing already (you just gotta go faster than everyone) I can’t explain how it works because it’s some college-level physics
in current science, people have concluded that it is not possible

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no matter how “fast” you go, seconds will still move the same unless you externally manipulate time, which is what you said (if thats what you mean)


i agree, but not to other people which is what the paradox is about

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It might be possible but it’s not plausible and would be far too dangerous to actually use, the smallest miscalculation could cause you to completely go out of control

i dont think it is possible, literally, but theoretically i agree. the smallest change to the past could cause a world conflict if people werent careful…and much worse, too, maybe.

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yeah but you get to travel time faster then everyone meaning you can time travel to the future

What if a change you made caused you to die in the future, would you still go back in time to cause that conflict, or would your past self, which is the present one for some people and the future one for others, be fine?