its almost time

“Jo uif tibepxt, b nbo rvftujpot gbuf.”

“ju’t bmnptu ujnf”

“if jtou hpoob tubz gpsfwfs”

Nuh uh

:thinking: is this backwards or a caeaser cipher?

I can’t wait for foqhdo1bdu32jfbe8fbrn4oqdj934hqhdtwfdstaufh3jq0f

Not backwards or scrambled, last word doesn’t have any vowels. Might be a ceaser cipher though

hint: its code

Put it into a decoder website and it gave me some nonsense. Might actually try to see what it is when I get out of school

In the shadows, a man questions fate.

it’s almost time

My balls are itching
he isnt gonna stay forever

Helo I recomend u lern how 2 typ

I agree

What type of scrabble was it?

Zpv tijgu ju cz pof bmqjbcfu mfuufs

it was fun while it lasted


Bro switched his keyboard to Dvorak layout.

ceasar cipher with shift of 27 characters

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Is Dvorak better?