i've quit sb.

there’s been a question lingering on the back of my mind for a while…i haven’t been on, really on, and playing, sb for a while.

i’ve been avoiding making this post for a while…but i think it’s finally time to address it.

i’ve quit sb…i haven’t grinded or gotten at least 100k in months. sb doesn’t hold the same charm as it used to. whether it be because of the community, the updates, or something else, it’s not as fun as it used to be. it brings me down rather than bringing me joy. it’s a shameless tool of procrastination and dopamine.

and while it brings me much sadness, i think i won’t be on sb anymore unless people explicitly ask me to, and sometimes, rarely, of my own volition.

while i still will be making topics on sb, i wont play pretty much at all except to make those posts.

goodbye, swordbattlers, i wish you good luck on your swording adventures. i wish i could return to the old days.


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Bye bye, the update is good i don’t know why you feel that way


Ok cya rip hope you come back sir. start mewing bye bye :shushing_face: :deaf_man:

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i have dipped the forum and Sb So many times for so long(months and months) just to return, some people see this as “I wont play again” I see it as “slight break”

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probably the community, and just a loss of interest in general. honestly im not really sure what prompted this, but ive been forcing myself to get on sb for weeks and i feel like it isnt right for me to do this anymore

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lol yeah, and gl getting #1!

i feel this is more permanent as a slight break lol, bc its not just i dont wanna play it but a lack of enjoyment

If number gets number1 hes gonna beag so much it wpuld be too chaotic

Swordbattle no fun :pensive: It is not possible to sustain grinding for a long time

Also games in general just aren’t fun :augh:

loll, well it would certainly fit his name

i like playing games with others i know irl, then sb is also fun

plus grinding gets boring at a certain point

Stop listing it,goodbye posts aren’t allowed to be listed

sadge :[

oh, sorry didn’t know that

will do

not worst, but it just has some aspects that needs to be worked on- mostly community, actually

I feel you

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