Join Arcania! - (IOGWM)

Join Arcania!

There are many Reasons to join Arcania:


F1NN - A cool person who made the IOGWM
_MV_UN_faraway_flame - An Awesome person who Is good at writing and Originally founded Arcania In the SBWM


Arcania Is located at the bottom middle of the map on an Island made up of four squares, Arcania currently Ocupies all four, and also has access to both Snake Island and Big Island


Arcania Wants to expand to Snake Island and Be peaceful with neighboring countries.

Join Arcania
  • I want to Join Arcania
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i have my own land, but we can ally if you’d like

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Ye ally? We are close to each other

Okay! I would be fine with that, don’t know about F1NN though…

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I am fine with allying with Brittcana

Hey wait a minute I didn’t name it that did I?

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I thought you did?

I have horrible spelling

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