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Check out F1NN’s post for information before reading more!!


If you are looking for a well-situated territory with a supply of resources and militaries, then my country, Raeyln, is for you!

Raeyln is located in the southwest corner of the IOGWM map. Its starting territory is located on half land, half water squares, so Raeyln has access to the ocean as well as the land around it.

Raeyln is located on the large island east of the center of the map. Raeyln is relatively close to two other countries - Britannia, owned by Wasd, and Frog Land, owned by Frumpy. I have sent a truce offer to both countries - Frumpy has accepted, and I am still waiting for the response of Wasd.

If you are interested in joining, just complete the poll below and I will PM you with details/plans/strategies.

  • Join Raeyln :tada:
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Raelyn is the most remote country currently

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You are right - Raeyln is the most remote country, but that also means more distance between potentially hostile countries. Also, I have an alliance with the other two contries on that island, so people will have to go through a lot to be able to attack me/Brittannia and Frog Land.

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I just realized I made the poll non-public, I will fix it as soon as I can. Meanwhile, you can just comment down below in case you want to join.

We should be really powerful nations that take all the coast :yum:


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