Join the ANTI MIT BALDE EMPIRE. ( Shinobi, Coder, Potato, and others)

It is @ Mitblade but this is the ANTI MIT BALDE empire.


The title says anti mit balde empire.


also mit balde ?
his name is mitblade.

so who are you really aginst?


you joined me already ding dong but whose side are we on ???

Nice revolution pfp

Ok. What is the mitbalde empire?

The opposing empire of coder, me, and potato

The empire that you are opposing?

yeah now stop askin questions

Ok, thank you for answering all of the questions I have asked.

And me :(

There saying me but you should join my side cause money

Nope, I don’t like people who try to bribe me.

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Ah, the sweet, sweet taste of nostalgia

Bro is this happening again do any of you remember what happened last time how about no war and just be friends

i want to join