Join The RSG

The RSG stands for Realmz Security Group. It might sound cheesy, but that’s exactly what it is. This Group (Not a clan) Is made to prevent toxicity in the game The main difference Between this Group, again not a clan, is that it is a group. This means that no one really leads it, no one owns it, no one commands it. We are a group for protection of a game that could be ruined by trash talkers and spawn killers.

If you really want to join this group, just comment below. If you are one of these people who just like commenting in everything and roasting it, go ahead. Nobody cares about your opinion. You just like attention. We do not accept people who are in 2 or more clans.

Any clan can be a threat. Our main goal is to fight toxic clans. Fortunately, there are none at the moment.

Getting banned
To get banned, you have to Disobey the rules. if you do, you will simply get banned and never be able to return.


  1. Do not fight against an enemy clan or group
  2. Do not join an enemy clan or group
  3. Do not ally with an enemy clan or group

If you read all of this, nice. Most people would stop after the 3rd word. So thanks for taking time to read this and just comment if you want to join the RSG.


I bought it wasn’t a clan? But despite that minor grammar mistake is a great idea to stop toxicity in a mainly competitive game

Also would spawn killing be toxic and if so how many levels would they need for it to not be spawnkilling?

Yes, spawn killing is toxic because in the long term, the players will rage quit because they cannot even play and this will cause damage to the reputation of the game. As I call this, the Syndrome. There is no definite level someone should be considered to be spawn killing. It could be a level 1 magician, or a level 280 behemoth.

can i join i am in obs and agent

im in

7clappz prookl and every pro shaking in they boots rn

trying to eradicate dn of toxicity is crazy


i just got kicked from agent now im just obs

Dm me

who me

lol np i don’t mind joining but how would we protect from players like 7clappz and prookl and cuzzy and dorm and practically every dn member in existence?

and shrek and yeetus

if you wanna join sure dm me

Its easy. We don’t. They are not even on half the time so they do not make a difference

Ima join since even tho im toxic i hate toxic players

im still allying with 7clappz and other Dn members


is this rizz?