Join [TL]

[TL] stands for The Legion . The Legion is a new clan that I made and all players except for toxic ones are welcome to join.

If you want to join [TL] please message me in the chat or DM me.

Roles (More roles will come in the future)
Leader: Leader of the clan. Can decide to ban or recruit members. Able to make rules, and alliances, and declare war. (This role is already taken)
Co-Leader: Able to ban or recruit members. Can make alliances with other clans.
Commanders: Can command Soldiers.
Soldiers: Basic members of the clan.

Current Enemies


dont u think there are too many clans already?

DN’s pretty much already dead. They can’t log on without me knowing and having the option to send like 8 goons at them

If you have to send goons at ppl maybe you just suck

Nah I just don’t have the time. Also tired of doing everything. It’s not like they stand a chance against 8 goons anyway cuz if they start losing 8 more will be sent in

Really good excuse for being scared to fight and having to send goons is craazy to begin with

I’ll fight you today-5:30 EDT

When I challenged him to a 1v1, he said “how about a 3v1”. But he did 2v1 me so ig it was better

We can’t log on because we are busy doing academic or athletic stuff

No it was act funnier, you said that I was gonna 3v1 and some other insults and I said, “ok, It’ll be a 4v1”

Same that’s why I said 5:30

Um ok, keep on pretending

I’m in school literally rn, and no it is not make-up summer school for the kids who failed everything

Then why are you on your phone :rofl::joy:

Cuz it’s lunch break?

Never thought Id meet someone whod talk with people online in a time designated to talk with people in real life

Why can’t I do both?

The fact that you replied immediately proves that you are only doing one(unless you are quite odd and continuously check and reload this website while talking)

no not joining

Touching grass. Finally another person :muscle: