jungle skin By:3RG3R

Currently, I have found a perfect jungle skin, and I will be working on implementing it into the game. I want to extend my gratitude to
3RG3R (Profile - 3RG3R - IO Games Forum) for creating it. However, there was no bio available for it, so I have created a custom status for it, which includes the following details:

Price: 5,302
Bio: Vine-swinger, leaf-slicer, jungle hero!"


Juuungel-removebg-preview (1)



Whos gonna tell him

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You can or whoever wants to

If it’s about this was already added in V1, I already told him :sob:

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wait it was already added!

Ok let me find another skin to do

There’s plenty of unused skins here


Updated it now so Ik that that skin is unused

Someone should just remake the bird skin so its a new skin and its high enough quality to be added (og skins can be remade just not directly added to v2 shop)

Bro that skin barely follows the artstyle

One of the main reasons the og skins-v2 skins idea was made is so there would be high quality skins that match the artstyle instead of every skin having varying levels of both

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we need to be diverse

You can still have a diverse set of skins while following the artstyle

Just look at the other skins in the v2 shop and you’ll get a good range of what the artstyle is kind of like

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Always got an off feeling about this skin. No clue why.

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Its ai generated (or at least ai enhanced)

I thought so…

u wouldnt mind making hella skins and dm’ing me them? Ill add most of them if they are good

Potentially, I haven’t made skins for a while

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you should make my user card NOW!

Yeah that’s why

ok thanks!