Just Perfect😑

He doesn’t deserve it. If I had an option to be #1 on the leaderboard permanently but everyone hated me as much as this guy, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Might be an unpopular opinion, but no matter how annoying they are, at least they put in the work to get to top 100. They put in the time, they put in the effort. As annoying and frustrating as roaching/teaming are, they still did it in the end.

You’d be surprised at how many top 100 players still roach and team.

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Almost everyone

Teaming isn’t really the bad part, just when its like a frickin 4v1 versus some innocent guy. I haven’t even seen 49299 team at all. The main problem is just roaching, and a more specific type of roaching that I still see for some reason: people like 49299 and others roach people they KNOW they can’t kill, but they do it for no other purpose than to annoy them and waste their time. The reason I hate this guy is because thats all he does to me and other people, and he might possibly be the saltiest player I’ve ever seen

he teams daily idk how you havnt seen it

Cough Moneyless this includes you cough

Shouldnt give that much hate

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