Just Some ideas

Sigh Dear readers as I post this I realize that same of these may have been found


I miss v1 for starters grind was way more fun because now there is no challenge.
The new monsters that Iโ€™m calling forstbite, and lavagarden need to be stronger.

First Lavagarden I notice you get more coins for defeating Lavagarden I think that is sexist to Lava. He also needs to do burning damnge like if you get hit three times your like burned and when you throw your sword instead of dealing you lose health or something.
Number 2 Lava is hot. Lava is hot so Lavagarden if he gets push into the center lava pit he should slowly start to heal.
Number 3, I see that unless a glitch occurs that the monsters of the area cannot leave. Lavagarden tho should. Being bigger and stronger he should be able to leave but if he does he becomes weaker because of territory advan.

This comes with ice too


1 Frostbite when defeated gives less coins, thats like saying females make less menoy. So even or none.
2 Frostbite should also be able to leave her terrotory but at that point she slowly melts away.( despawning)
3. Frozen charge move- this move consist of one big snow ball that if it hits will temp. freeze you
oh yes and The center ice pool should heal her as well

Also why is there no wolf boss?

Lastly the SB Battle pass

This will consist of Skins only getable threw here (like never released or ogs) Of course though
heres the catch If you are in top 50 you get the battle pass for free as long as you get a 500K run. The battle pass tho ofcourse you must use gems, but unlike before all the skins will be cheaper for anyone in top 50

Ofcours these are just ideas of what I think could be added.

Oh and Coder you need to carry over exp it is not fair to people who were in top 100 but had to start over because the exp

just a comment for the last thing,

he did carry over xp lol everyone kept their progress just with the new conversion rate

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good ideas it just that one thing that just i found in this topic and what i think of this in my opinion :point_down:

ayo? hold up wth

spelling mistake is okay

another spelling mistake okay

if this did happend it woulda been unfair because one it has his own area and two this monster coulda invaded other areas even the safe zone and kill others people

same goes for the other one.

mobs should not be stronger and i believe bots should be changed- mobs shouldnโ€™t agro on a enemy thatโ€™s above level 10. bots should not agro on players more than 2 times it size

yeah- i think wolf boss should be a thing- im pretty sure gautam is planning to add it. but he just released v2 and was patching the new bugs. he needs some time to rest

not good idea

also speed should be faster in plains biome!! please!! Iโ€™m assuming its a easy fix and it will make plains so much more enjoyable!! Currently its impossible to beat a tank in plains as beserker as youโ€™re so slow the only good thing about beserker is lost!

Why not for everyone? Not just top 50 but I do think a battle pass would be a non p2w way of giving gautam money

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nah Im not gonna make a battlepass that sounds boring and if I made a battlepass it would have more cooler perks (non p2w of course) but rihgt now with the community size I dont think it would be worth it anyways to spend the time actually coding a payment system for one guy to buy it lol


Fair points

agreed that how most bp is tbh

battle passes are pointless, io games should be relatively simple not p2w.
a good io game has:
reasonable ads (size, how many ads)
simple to understand
high skill ceiling
incentive to play for a long time

gautam, youโ€™re doing a faboulous job for doing pretty good for all these- im waiting for the next update, im sure its going to be :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


I meant other than the safe zone it is safe for a reason

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because player advantance

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but can we call it Lavagarden and frostbite

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Good io games (business perspective):

  • lots of ads
  • addictive
  • in app purchases
  • pay to win
  • tons of profit
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Why does a battle pass have to be p2w?



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i use ad blocker bc a lot of ads are nsfw

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random idea:
but what about making a gem store?
not now ofc cuz of the community size like you said but in the future.
because gems are only used for skins so having a place to buy gems would increase profit a bit and not be p2w

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If i did that now community will rage so maybe in future


ok then, just giving out ideas

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Really? I would be fine with it since it is cosmetic only

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