Kill 49299 at all costs

I am here to say I have had enough of the rocher, spammer, and runner 49299 and I am here to say target him like never before you see him in a game destroy him, and make him mad who’s with me?

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  • KOS (kill on sight)
  • lose your soul
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Yeah he annoys me so I’m gonna kill him but this is like the third topic on this guy we need to relax loll

your the one who suggested we cyber bully him lol

Oh mb lol

I just got roached to this kid :skull: :skull: :skull:

Yea but still I think everyone gets the idea now lel

Are they still acting this way? He’s now pretty chill around me… that is, after I made sure to destroy them every time they came on. Literally hunting them down.

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Ye when I was playing blud had no mercy and spam reached me till the end of my grind

Guessing he has different moods for different people

blud he does it for everyone

I tried teaming with him after feeling bad but he backstabbed me and ended my 200 k run :/

how about we find his ip and kill him irl? i mean it would permantly solve it lol

ayo chill

Bettttttttt. I have a professional bombing license.

You guys wanna play sb

europe server

Actually, I do have an idea. I’ll just ask a friend to get me super low on health, see if they’d try to go in for the kill. I do that quite often, just to test “friendly” players.



u wanna play sb with me tho