Killed lazor again. Can I have 1500 coins plz

(Kind of a bad screenshot)

afk kill :l

Dude this probably won’t get you anything still

did bro even got the coins from future :skull:

Lazor abt to be a c tier player if he dies to dark again😭

Screenshot 2024-05-12 10.11.10 AM

what is this
not even 1 kdr lmao

Your Kd is sad

wow, i see how it is. maybe I just felt bad

get mogged

Screenshot 2024-05-12 7.03.23 PM
lmao my alt has better kd

for sec i thought u 2 mill stars am blind lol

just flexing cuz why not
Screenshot 2024-05-12 8.08.18 PM

mines better

@loco alert

he got suspended lol!

@Lazorbak you should definitely let me kill u I need the coins