Lava is now in Thunder!

L to u lazor who wanted lava to join dn.
Yes its not cap.
I got him to join thunder.

omg can I join???

sure u just have to put {TH} in front of ur name
btw we’re at war with pd and rrrr rn

what happened to pd and thunder merging lmao

pd and thunder never merged boi

what are you on

stop making these pointless posts if they’re not true, no one cares who is in your clan, no one asked for any of this info, no one let you post this, no one agreed to merge clans, and no one gets the milk for you I bet

lfmao idc

realmz community in shambles if were making fake clan joining posts

anyways corny ah clan name ong

bro lava is i mean it

honestly this entire clans drama is so funny lololol

yall better stop hating or im gonna have to pull out the big guns, and 200 pump into yall.

bro sykon stop
or u will be my dinner
lava is in thunder

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Ong shi is hilarious

“or u will be my dinner”

what kind of roast is that?


F- teir player stfu

hop off my john

make me