Lava is now in Thunder!

No hes trolling

bruh @saw stop trolling

seriously @saw

Thunder bad

be quiet @ɯouʞǝ

Shut up lil bro your name is bluegen :pray::skull:

its bluegen2 and it stands for blue the raptor generation 2 meaning more advanced

Still a horrible name :sob:

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be quiet monke upside down
thats the most racist and bad name ever

the autism is showing lil bro :man_facepalming:

be quiet 3 yo

(friendly fire will not be tolerated)

hi @TheDarkLord i see ur replying

Saw is right. 7clappz was the most toxic player in Realmz history.


k but i dont take advice from outsiders and how was he toxic

He bullied me by saying my clan was his and a few months ago he started again by saying my clan was his and I stole it. He also, spawn-killed players, said insults, and teamed up with other toxic players to bully other players in-game and in the forum.

(I don’t want to get involved in this drama)

How is that racist?

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Monke admitted that he created the username before it became racist. Also there’s nothing wrong with self-deprecation

I know, that’s why I was asking.

However, self-deprecation can sometimes be extremely insensitive, especially when you’re saying something that applies to a wide range of people. For example, calling yourself an Indian tech scammer just because you’re Indian (not a perfect example) is like implying that every Indian is a tech scammer.