Leaving sword battle sadly

my username is the knight killer im leaving sword battle hopefully ill comeback in 2 months

Don’t know you, too bad you’re leaving…

he is my brother and we are related by blood, but he quits on things too quickly

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ii got board

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probly beacuse i joined 25 days ago

Too bad you’ll miss out on v2

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Bevonnaa will join forum today. Yw


who is Benvonnaa?

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Go die

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HOW COULD U MORTAL NOT KNOW WHO IS THE LEGENDARY AND ONLY BEVONNAA he was one of my friends back in the days


idk who he is?

What is wrong with you…

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i was not there when Bevonnaa was playing the game, so i do not know who they are


:unamused: :unamused:

ill be their in v2

mabey new account

most people wont know even i dont know must of played during the summer when i was gone

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she :sob: im back playing now though


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