Legal Issues in “Terms of Service” & Suggestions

Errors will be bold.

Under “disputes”:

Note: Should be replaced with city Qautam is from or in.

The forum should have its own official rules alike to Replit Ask. A pinned topic with mod only access should be made explaining all the rules and is available to all users.

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Uh there kinda is sry to say

Not to all users though

Where are they?

There needs to be rules specifying moderation actions on users.

I’m convincing Gautam to let me make


Yeah I agree @gautam want to work on rule basis and chart?

I would like to help I have experience with this kind of stuff. (Even though I’m not a mod)

Edit: I get because I’m not a mod and all it’s an issue but y’all could make a draft and send me a copy or work on it and y’all see if you like it :)

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Probably going to be long talk with all mods…. It would be worth it though


I really want to help

“QUATAM” :skull:


Where I fix this

You just need to edit the TOS page and fix the issues I posted. I can help with writing your own rules. (It will be a topic called “Rules” or something and I would love to help write it. I have past experience too.

Here is a suggestion. No 50+ reply arguments besides pms


yea i saw one too but didnt know lol

No. I like reply arguments sometimes

Ill make revisions to the actual list when it comes out.

Bye bye?

Yes. That’s why I’m saying 50+. IDRC about it, but it’s so annoying if it gets long and repetitive.

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почему ты говоришь мне до свидания