list of my accomplishments

just realized I’ve done some crazy things here so ima post it rq

  1. Shortest full period as a tl3 (went inactive after the day I got it)
  2. Top 10% poster
    3. First non-staff (not including alts) to get a custom title slap said no
  3. best bartender :speaking_head: :mega:
  4. (probably) biggest break taken by an active user (1y+)

post some of your accomplishments too :)

  1. Im" Col guy 63
  2. uhhhhh


  1. I can draw kind of good now

oops. still pretty unlikely to have custom title

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Congrats! You either 1. reply to every post (don’t have a life) or 2. reply when you don’t need to (not using the quote feature coughincog sometimes)

pretty sure I got it thru all the fg topics recently


Time to break this record, brb boys

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you are not powerful enough

I think im an og forum user ngl

Im more og (barely missed the og badge)

You were a couple months off

I’m not OG :’)

Theres one accomplishment you have yet to achieve:

Become the G-MAN.

disagree, the water yesterday that u slid gave me an ache

gman is too much of a gman for me to feel like gmaning

blue was better D:<

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My honest reaction:

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He wasnt a bartender he was a cafe owner

oh yah so it’s not a very high bar to cross