...longer chapters?

so if you don’t know, i’ve started a series called the competition.

but today something was brought to my attention…

someone asked for longer chapters.

see, i originally meant for the chapters to be short…but i think longer chapters might be a good idea! (warning, though: longer chapters means longer wait, i would try to get it done asap though)

so…should i do longer chapters?

  • yes
  • no
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This question seems to be very controversial among voters


alright, longer chapters, here we come!!

(@Victor.XenVixOwner you’ll like this :] )

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Will chapt 6 be out soon?

aaa not yet loll

gonna work on it now if it makes yall feel better lol

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I was the first to say no :/

bro, stop bugging incog guys.

ty bro i needed it xd

Just Say My Name :skull:

i did in the screenshot lol

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you guys i need to ask you all a favor

I will bite your toes if you win


would it be alright if i made chapter 6 short like the others? i didnt plan out 6 properly and it would work best for the plot and flow if i put the part after in a longer chapter

(@Victor.XenVixOwner especially)

uhh. what??

i rickroll you
with bro topic and make it cringer then it has to be. i kidding it already cringed enough

na ima do my own thing

soo is that an okay?

na ima do my own thing.