Look Who I Caught Laking

he def got some beef with me

(he didn’t kill me btw) (obv)

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When I played on my second alt, he started roaching me. I don’t think he knew it was my account.

he’s a suck up, he sees that someone is on the leaderboard and immediately tries teaming with them


gautam gotta do something about this, its getting to that point, he growing too fast

Yeah man we gotta ban him

This makes me think how badly people should be raging if old roaching was still a thing XD

Guys it a game where youkill with eachother. If your trying to grind and smon is trying to kill you, deal with it. Its not even that hard to counter roaching anymore. Not like the old days… Thepoint is, hes not doing aything wrong by fighting in a way you dont like

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I remember that, I used to abuse it xd

?? People are allowed to curse now??

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yeah i think you banned the wrong person I never cussed you can check my activatiy for proof.

if you were suspended you shouldn’t be able to post

i was suspended until 10:00 am today and it 10:31

oh ok

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i just message the mods about it so they can hopefully remove it from my banned records

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I slipped. So kany topics abt him and he aint doing anything wrong. So annoying

uh what i don’t really get what you saying can you say that into more sense?

“[Sorry] I slipped. So many topics about him and he is not doing anything wrong. [It was] so annoying [and that is why I cursed]”

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who is he talking about?

who is he talking about for this one too?

Manage is talking about 49299, there’s a million topics about them

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