Looks Like I was RIght...

i made a topic called Swordbattle V2 | Researched 2 [UPDATED] and in that topic I technically (like %60) guessed the future of V2

So basically I put a phew problems that will probably happen in V2

And as you can see they were all right (CPS cooldown was fixed a few weeks after release tho)
Seems like the goofy skins were also right (not 100%)

And Finally Bugs abusers and Hackers, the most ACCURATE part I guessed

“Victor how’d you guess that??”

Well Gautam Made V2 to attract more players right? so that means the chances of hackers increases (idk why but everyone was denying they would be any hackers,which was a dumb move now)

So the Most common Hacker Bugs are The “Hundred Player Glitch” which happens from time to time because of an unknown hacker, the first appearance the hacker come from was when gautam was on break from patrolling the game

The hacker made 100+ Players spawn and roam, which ofc was breaking our ping. So guatam came back thinking he fixed the problem with a few Stitches in the code, but a few fews later (after the hacker must have made a new hack) he returns with 50+ players bug which been happening almost ever 4 to 5 days.

SO for it to happen you have a: 64% Chance of seeing it every 4 to 5 days

Its not really a prediction these are just still problems now

Also you left out the part about clans :skull:

yeah its a prediction Of the problems in V2 bru

the part about clans was left out cuz I was wrong about that one

and btw it clans werent in my conclusion

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