Making magic

I am going on a hiatus

But not a normal hiatus
Over then next two months, up until my forum anniversary (November 12th) I am going to be nonstop learning about art and different techniques to make a skin that is a visual masterpiece
Judging by how I think of my art I’m guessing that will take around 2 months, and I was thinking, why not that be on my anniversary?
But… I don’t know what I’m gonna make lol
So if you guys could tell me what you want me to make into a skin (preferably some sort of magical thing) then please post it and decide amongst yourselves what you want it to be, that would be great cause I can’t think of anything at the moment. You have till tomorrow morning
Now, of course, since I will be working on this for most of my free time, I won’t be working on any new skins. I’ll post two new skins today and that will be all from me until November 12th
Thank you for listening and wish me Goodluck :]


What is a hiatus

It’s like a break
So I’m kinda going on a break but I’ll still be working (I’ll also be on forum and stuff but mostly working)


Bye i will miss you and all your knowledge about guitars

A phoenix would make for a cool new skin…
Maybe it could be more expensive than dragon… @_@

This might be a bad question, but are you going to be still active in the forum?

So you dont want any of your skins in v2???

Nah I do, I’m just not gonna post many other skins after today up until November

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Of course, I’m addicted

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I remember an ice and fire skin idk what happened to it though

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Angel made one

Ok, good to know!

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