Masked Phoenix skin

If it’s messing up pvp u should just remove all the uncircular skins cus it would not be that fair if there is a skin that isn’t a circle and one can’t be added because it is circular. I’m pretty sure over 50 people have shadow skin

Yea but that is og skin. From now on there will be no exceptions

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scythe looks like a banana

dang @O12mds is prob so happy rn
(this post is wild)

Wait did guatam say he gonna add it or did he add already

Its gonna be added but the skin update STILL HASN’T HAPPENED :augh:

guatam might be waiting for easter to add the skin update

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W skin

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Ty guatam

for 5 years I was trying to find out who made the pricing so expensive. now I know who and i can finally rest

it should be expensive: gives a reason to play

20K nothing much


man the only two groups of people that wear this skin is the actually skilled players and the annoying 8 year olds

id use it but, no offense to the maker, I don’t like the style much, especially the sword.

but its smillar sword to the scthe

i made it so i wear it what group am i

i dont like the sythe

oh ok