Max Republican KICKSTARTER (official)

How does one become both goofy and calm?

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my writing skills are goated

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Easy. A dude who is a little quirky, but isn’t very loud. Like a buddhist priest who says the most random things to you that leaves you flabbergasted. Pretty much an AI.

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I am Luffy like my PFP
I am made of rubber and agile
I am Kind of dumb

So there might be an X-Chip for a malleable body (is there @ɯouʞǝ ?). I would guess your personality could be defined as Goofy, Inspirational, and

iirc no

Make one.

dawg :sob:

Call it “Material Malleability Enhancement”

okie :(


When’s it start

Tomorrow, or at least tommorrow is when the next M.R post is dropped.

Ok cause I have school tomorrow

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Seems as if this is continuing so I’m opening it


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Is it starting now?

Soon. Be patient