Medieval Update

So I had this idea.
A medieval update that would add things.
Of course, Gautum could still do the spring update how he wants, but can this be the summer update?

1. MAP
The map would change for this update.
There would be: Castle, Lava, Enchanted Forest, and Snow
Example of what it could look like:
Screenshot 2024-02-24 6.17.01 PM

The biomes would have these things:

LAVA: It would be the same as the current lava but would have a dragon boss and maybe other smaller mobs. There would be lava.

CASTLE: It would be the regular grass biome with a castle in the center. It would have rabbits/bunnies and wolves. There would be small water puddles and rocks.

ENCHANTED FOREST: This would have trees and bushes. There would be a large lake in the center. It would have new hostile mobs called werewolves.

SNOW: It would literally be the EXACT same.

I suggest adding these evolutions.

KNIGHT: Evolves from Berserker

KING: Evolves from Knight

This is what the castle could look like:

It should be big enough to fight in.

That’s it for my suggestions, I hope they’ll be considered.

bro really decorated his castle

yeh, i did :grin:

would there be a king as a boss?

nah, only a dragon boss

Nick eh 30 (You think your the king?!! IM THE KING!!)=castle

i mean in the lava biome thered be a dragon boss.

why in snow biome?

oh, no the snow biome will be replaced

why i like it tho

it doesnt fit the medieval theme

alr bruh

What if there was just a 4th biome so the snow biome wouldn’t be smaller than the others and I wouldn’t complain about it every 5 seconds

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… its not the snow biome

i thought about a fourth one, but didn’t have any idea.
got any?

ice kingdom

… yall just want snow ig
prob not, cause we already have a kingdom area

4 biomes like this (yes I am a really good designer)
if you look at the map and you’re image grass and lava biome are bigger than the snow one and thats what I keep complaining about

yeh i get what you mean, but I don’t…

huh, maybe a biome called barbarian lands, it’ll have snow too…