Might not be here as often as I could

So basically, the school found out my method of unblocking sites. They probably looked at my history and saw blocked sites. They did not like that and information was spread. I was also spreading my unblocking method to students. Apparantly I’m not going to be here at school as often, but I will play at home. Need to be sent to office soon. Resetting chromebook before going. I will still be here on the forum, but I won’t be playing quite as much.

But good news, the forum is not blocked by Lightspeed. However, swordbattle.io is, and I use my unblocking method to get on it at school.


I have aa couple lightspeed proof proxies if you want some after it’s all over.

apparantly the school has found out my lightspeed evasion techniques

ill still be here but i wont access the game much

alright man, glad you’re still on forum at least :saluting_face:

i currently have lightspeed down, but it wont be the case tommorow.
i can still access the main game today but i havent touched it yet, but tommorow is the day this device goes bye bye

I feel bad for you…

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can i have one :face_holding_back_tears:

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dam ur a good one tbh informing us with everything

i played swordbattle for a few minutes at school today but yeah they found out my way of unblocking sites

So i went to the office, showed them the method of unblocking sites, and told them i will never use those sites again. Keeping a low profile by downgrading to whatever I can use. Forum unblocked, so forum is ok

Hey i found out https://europesword.herokuapp.com/ is unblocked on my device without disabling lightspeed