More DALL-E Trolling

When i First Saw/Met @unknown_502

When I was Making Myself Dreads (a few weeks ago)

Me Holding My LEGENDARY Katana


How exactly is this trolling?

Man, i’m still waiting for me to show up

Would the Ai recognize if I was a bass guitar?

dont worry a cool one with you in it is coming your way pal ;)

Alright then, i’m waiting now

Maybe, I Should Probably Say “a man with a Guitar As a Head”

Didnt Work Out as a Planned Lol :skull:

It’s alright man, just Dr. Doom shaking your hand, guessing it didn’t recognize the Slayer, just put in Doom Slayer and it should recognize it

Can you do me please?

i ran out of quick-generation so itll take like 2-3 minutes each


tried again but just seems AI Doesnt Know Who Doom Slayer/ Doom Guy is

Well, it’s alright then man

Cursed :skull: forgot to remove handshaking prompt

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hold up that ain’t ano

oh yeah, that looks like you

plus ano is your alt and ano doesn’t have a mask you might wanna fix your spelling/the person you met

did you make this yourself or was it geneterated because either way it look so anime and relaistic.

bro took my oufit :skull: