Most posts created? (and how i am planning to surpass the record)

so since i’m tl3 now, i have access to the lounge chat:

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 6.00.04 PM

and in it, F1NN mentioned that i’ve recently gotten more than 100 topics. but also that…i’m one of the top 10 people in terms of how many posts we have created.

as you can see, the top poster on the forum, hamm, has 174 topics created. most of the people below hamm have a pretty small gap between their post amounts and the person who has more and less than them. an exeption to this is 3RG3R, with 125 posts, and frumpy, with 150 - a huge 25 post gap!

and i sort of thought…since i’m already in the top 10 for people with the most posts, why not try to get higher than my current rank, #9?

and so after thinking about it for a little, i can up with a plan. here’s my master plan…soon, i will surpass #8th, as they only have 2 more posts created than i do. (after this post, 1)

and then i’ll just keep on making posts, probably 1 to 3 a day, and be on track for being the #1 on forum for most posts created! right now, hamm has aroud 175 topics created…(thats a lot…) but if i do what i described, i’ll beat hamm eventually.

take that, everyone! i will claim the crown!! yes!!! i will!!!


(not)…maybe…i’ll try, anyhow.


Awesome! The reason Hamm has so many posts created is because she hosted tgfb

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I don’t think that’s a good idea. If you are trying to make posts, you should try to put meaning into them, and try to space them out. I think that its achievable, but try to space them out.


I agree with glaceon, topics are supposed to start a conversation.

i agree, i will try not to value quantity over quality. however, i already post a lot so i will basically just continue what i’m doing right now.

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the real challenge is most likes given

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I have 2.1k or 2.2k likes given

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