Most recent friend in

Just curious, as of Jan 2023, who is your most recent friend that you met in game?

uhh when ever i have been on this month so far i have beem in a killing mood X_X so i guess ill be nice and get on tonight

idk I just stab people before they can even talk to me


hmm i gotta think

i would be lieing if i said sladpabass

a guy called lovexxx

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Can it be enemy’s? I made 10 today (:

Killer s and a few people with random letters and numbers for names

someone named soggy bread

then also at the same time acol junior and just now maybe shadow

shadow470, i think…

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i murder people thats it i target teamers

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none, haven’t been playing

I saw you desert shadow

no new friends currently

acookiegod was really fun to play with

Acol Acol Long live Acol

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yes but recent friends?

none bud, i have not made a new friend in game, i don’t team much

i saw u