My average school day

bro so today we had a modified lockdown and I was using the bathroom and I walk out and I see a kid run pass me with scissors and he sees me and turn around and runs at me and then a police comes and just tackles him and he say for me to go to class and I just walk away so that is pretty much a average day at my school. I also had shrimp today :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :expressionless:

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Average Arkansas resident

I am telling fr so true



hell no

also wdym

thats just wrong, and too dumb to be real.

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so you are say I am lying and am β€œto dumb to be real”

I am not saying you are too dumb to be real, I am saying the story seems to dumb to be real.

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Pretty much

I am in the story

*throws monitor

excluding you, the rest is too dumb to be real. except for the shrimp too.

damn how old was the kid?

like 12 he was a sped kid

A sped kid threw gogurt at me not too long ago


Splattered all in my hair and was a huge mess :/ dry gogurt is no joke

lol free lunch tho